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      Welcome to The Doll Empire Donna Rubert Fan Site dedicated to American Doll Artist Donna Rubert! These pages were created out of passion and love for Donna Rubert's creations. We received many e-mails requesting information about Donna Rubert and Donna Rubert dolls, that's why we opened the Donna Rubert fan site, where any of you can submit pictures, photos or information about Donna Rubert and Donna Rubert dolls and we will post it at our discretion. Donna Rubert Fan Site dedicated to American doll artist Donna Rubert who has a artist doll studio in Florida, USA. Donna Rubert American doll artist is creator, sculptor and designer of contemporary artist dolls made in porcelain and in vinyl American doll artist Donna Rubert specializes elegant fancy ladies and innocent adorable children. Donna Rubert dolls are highly sought after collectibles.

Donna RuBert is a born artist. From childhood she has honed her skills till the present. Bored with school and the slow curriculum she quit college in her sophomore year to continue her studies with renowned artist the world over. Her sought after oil portraits and portrait sculpture are known world wide making her an international star in the art world. While still in her twenties she had accumulated such a large following and brought her skills to such a fine point of accomplishment that she was awarded a lifetime teaching certificate for California colleges. She taught her unique and realistic method of painting and drawing for eighteen years while also teaching privately for galleries

Her uncanny ability to capture the likeness of any subject led to her volunteer work for the Sheriff's homicide department. Her sketches helped authorities apprehend many suspects.

Although Donna enjoyed years of success with her painting, she always felt something was missing. She couldn't touch her painted subjects nor could she enjoy the rich colors of her painted portraits on the sculpted faces. She decided to try combining painting with sculpting, and in 1990 her first doll June was born. In this one doll, Donna finally found the magic she had been searching for all of her life.

She soon became a partner in the Doll Artworks Inc. and within a year her dolls established the mold making company as the largest and most widely recognized in the world. In 1995 Donna introduced Shay, Brandy and several of her other dolls on The Home Shopping Network. An almost instant sell out had the producers scrambling for other artist dolls to fill in the remaining scheduled airtime. She is currently selling her dolls on the Home Shopping Europe, shopping channel (HSE) as well as HSN, with other countries and distributors now pending and being considered.

She plans many new creations for the future. Her new designs are now being shown world wide. They are being presented to HSE and HSN by Elite Productions/Heartland Mint. There will be no molds on any of Donna’s new limited edition dolls making them very highly collectable.


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